About Bentley Responds Fund


Bentley Systems Inc. is dedicated to enhancing existing and creating new and innovative opportunities for colleagues to support international development and make a difference for people and communities in need.

The Bentley Systems Responds Fund creates an avenue for colleagues across the world to join together to maximize Bentley’s impact for at-risk and impoverished communities. This platform further allows employees to connect with Bentley’s existing initiatives geared towards empowering people, organizations and communities to sustain infrastructure and supports an interest among colleagues to expand philanthropic activities. 

The Sustaining Infrastructure campaign supports a broad range of resources for community sustainability. In partnership with four esteemed international charities, the Sustaining Infrastructure campaign targets issues critical to colleagues and stakeholders because of their direct relation to business operations.

Bentley is proud of our colleagues’ commitment to global philanthropy. Thank you for supporting the Bentley Responds Fund.

Sustaining Infrastructure Campaign
Sustaining Infrastructure
Empower communities to support sustainable infrastructure systems
Past Relief Efforts
Nepal Relief
Supporting Nepal earthquake recovery efforts
Ecuador Relief
Deliver lifesaving relief
Supported Charities